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Social inclusion, honey and dried fruits – an ambitious project made in Valea Barcăului

Agapis Foundation, in partnership with Valcău de Jos City Hall (jud Sălaj), will develop a social enterprise in the field of fruit and honey products processing. fake breitling watches

The project’s main objective is to develop a social enterprise and social inclusion capacity for disadvantages people (unemployed designer  With 2014 popular and Free Shipping women over 45 years old, persons who live in isolated communities, Roma people,replica omega watches for man families with more than 2 children, persons who live on the guaranteed minimum income) from 鳄鱼肉干批发 Valea Barcaului region, through sustainable economic development and job creation, by valuing local resources.

„The idea of launching a project in the field of fruits and honey processing was driven both by economic, moral and social reasons. First of all, we have noticed an increasing market demand for traditional and therapeutic products designer  free shipping  obtained from natural and local ingredients. Secondly, the social enterprise will be an alternative for improving income for disadvantages people, 鳄鱼肉干批发价格 鳄鱼招财爪 who also have the chance to integrate both socially and professionally, through career counselling programmes and professional qualification courses” said Alin Prunean, executive director Agapis Foundation.


The project’s cost reaches about 142.000 lei.  The social enterprise is financed by the Romanian Ministry of Labour, Family and Social, with 84.000 lei, an award won by Agapis,rolex replica watches as a result of participating at the competition “Economic  discounted  Fashionable Replica handbags benefits from social enterprises”, which is part of larger project: “Social Economy, an innovator model for promoting active inclusion for vulnerable groups” co financed by The European Social Fund.

Until now, the main partners in thisitexamStore  High Pass Rate project are Valcau de Jos City Hall and Tenaris Silcotub.泰国鳄鱼皮 

The enterprise is part of a morecomplex and ambitious Agapis project. The foundation, together with local authorities from 6 communesdesigner Free Shipping   (Valcău de Jos, Sâg, Plopiş, Halmăşd, Boghiş and Şinteu) aim to develop Valea Barcăului, as a destination brand. Therefore, we plan to support small-scale farmers, create maps for trekking and biking, promote广州鳄鱼皮批发 鳄鱼皮包包 local “home-made” products and the rich cultural and historical heritage from Valea Barcaului.replica U boat watches replica U boat watches replica cartier watches


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