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Get involved

How can YOU get involved in Agapis Foundation`s projects?

1. If you are a company:

     * Sponsor and support Agapis projects. Due to Romanian legislation, you can benefit from fiscal facilitation, if you decide to sponsor an NGO. Therefore, you can make sponsorships up to 20% from the tax on your profit (up to a 3‰ from your turnover), the tax being deducted with the amount of the sponsorship. Click here for more details.
     * Promote volunteering among your employees and encourage them to get involved in the cause the company chose to support.
     * Talk about Agapis projects with you business partners and mobilize them in common projects, because just through a sustained effort we can make a real change in the community we live in.
     * Make from social responsibility a current activity in your company.

2. If you are an individual:

     * Make a donation any contribution is important for us and for a better implementation of our projects. To support Agapis` projects, below you can find the details needed for a donation through bank transfer::
        - Organization name: Fundaţia pentru Educație si Dezvoltare Locală Agapis
        - Fiscal identification code: 10033315
        - Bank account number (IBAN): RO41 RNCB 0214 0281 5204 0001

     * • 2% from taxes on your income- - due to Romanian legislation, you can redirect 2% of your taxes to a non-profit organization, this 2% being part of the tax you have already paid to the state.

If you have decided to redirect 2% of your taxes to Agapis Foundation, you prove that you appreciate our work and give us a credit for our future projects. Moreover, you can convince your colleagues and friends to follow you example and also redirect 2% to Agapis.

Therefore, all you have to do is download and fill in the form below, if the source for your last year venues was salary:
a) Declaration 230 – from salary income (download)
If last year you obtained income from other sources, download and fill in the following form:
b) Declaration 200 – from income from other sources (download)
Then, submit the filled form to the Financial Administration where you belong to, no later than 15 May each year. Another option would be to come with the filled form at our office and let us handle the submission part.
     * Promote Agapis projects, talk with your friends, write on your blog or Facebook page about our projects or add in your e-mail signature: “I promote x – an Agapis Foundation’s project”.

Thank you. AGAPIS will keep you informed about the progress of the project you support/fund.

3. Volunteering

If you want to get involved in our projects, enrich your experience and make new friends all you have to do is join our volunteer team:

Name/surname :
Date of birth:
I am interested in volunteering :
Community (rural) development
Rural tourism and local products
Arts and culture
Other details :