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I.     Community facilitator and technical assistance for communities
II.    Consulting and project development services
III.   Rural tourism and local products

I. Community facilitator and technical assistance for communities

Agapis prioritizes and evaluates Salaj communities’ needs in terms of defining and implementing community projects. Also, the foundation provides education and training courses on community development issues.

    -- rural and disadvantages communities
    -- public administrations
    -- NGOs and other civil society groups

    -- research about the community
    -- identify formal and informal leaders
    -- identify community needs through meetings, focus groups, and questionnaires
    -- establish initiative groups - involve the leaders in mobilizing the community
    -- drafting activity plans

II. Consulting and project management services

In partnership with local communities, Agapis develops, implements and manages projects/programs for economic, social and cultural development, including projects financed by E.U funds.

    -- community’s organizations
    -- public administration
    -- NGOs and other civil society groups
    -- private companies, producers associations

    -- identify community needs
    -- finding suitable solutions for the community
    -- defining project proposals
    -- project writing
    -- assistance in project implementation
    -- feedback analysis

III. Rural tourism and local products

Agapis promotes sustainable rural development and local products. Also, Agapis Foundation inform the rural communities from Salaj about the benefits that can result both from responsible tourism and a traditional management of grasslands.

Furthermore, Agapis provides support for producers of traditional products: from assistance in product certification or guidance in creating a local identity, to linking the product with the consumer market.

    -- rural communities
    -- independent producers, local food associations, craft associations