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Goats project

Project Description

Some needy families from Rus (Salaj) received 34 Alpine goats (a goat breed known for its very good milking ability), thanks to a project implemented by Heifer Project România in partnership with Agapis Foundation. Therefore, the beneficiaries of this project will improve their nutrition and supplement their income.

One of the cornerstones of Heifer's philosophy is Passing on the Gift, which allows families who have received the goats, to donate themselves the first female offspring to a named recipient from the same village. The project from Rus was the first one when the “living gift” was offered by other communities who have already took part in this kind of project: Nemsa (Sibiu) and Dragu (Salaj).

Implementation Period

June 2010 – present

Partners / Sponsors

Heifer Project Romania

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Goats project           Goats project           Goats project           Goats project