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Agapis organizes qualified training for bee-keepers

Starting from February 2011, Agapis designerFree Shipping  is authorized by CNFPA to organize qualified training in apiculture. Among the advantages of attending the apiculture longines replica watches course we mention the following:

·         By archiving both theoretical and practical knowledge you will be able to improve your bee-keeping skills鳄鱼皮 

·        The courses will be held by specialized trainers

·         By the end of the course, you will receive discounted  Fashionable Replica handbags a certificate of professional qualification issued by The Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection and by The Ministry of Education鳄鱼皮具批发 

·        Through the certificate obtained you can  itexamStore  High Pass Rate commercialize bee products

·         The bee-keeper certificate is a plus if designer free shipping  you intend to write a project on Measure 141 and Measure 112 from The National Program of Rural Development (PNDR) 

If you are interested to start a bee-keeping designer With 2014 popular and Free Shipping certified training you can call 0722 889 951, contact person Alin 鳄鱼



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