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How to certify a traditional product                  



"Pălinca" from Zalău, Meses cheese or Silvania  pork products are just a few of those 150 traditional products certified in Salaj county. According to The National Office of Romanian Traditional and Eco products,replica cartier watches in 2010,  the main groups of traditional certified products were:  diary products (43,16%), meat ( 24,75%) and bakery products (19,26%).  In Romania, the region with the highest number of certified products is Transylvania counting over 1000 products; therefore, in Europe,  our country is placed on the second position (with 2185 certified traditional products), the first place belongs to Italy with over 4000 products. replica watches

The main steps in certifying a traditional product: replica watches

  • fill in an application form and a specification book and hand them in to Directia pentru Agricultură si Dezvoltare Rurala (DADR) Sălaj (Zalău, strada Corneliu Coposu, Nr. 79A)

  • the specification book must contain the name of the product,replica U boat watches the description method of the how it was obtained and the traditional ingredients used  

  • the specification book is checked by DADR representatives, then studied and authorized by Ministerul Agriculturii si Dezvoltarii Rurale (MADR), who also trademark the product and issue the traditional product certification.

For more details on how to certify a Romanian traditional  product please check the "publication" section. 

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